Digital art in France

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Digital art can be a bit confusing when you first hear the term. On the one hand, it is art that has digital components, but this is not always the case. The term "digital art" is used to describe works created by manipulating electronic media technology. This can include digital painting, 3D animation, digital photography and even video games. The term "digital" is more of an abstract term than an actual medium. For example, a photo can be digital but not digital art. Digital art is a valid form of modern art and can be used to create a wide range of artistic expressions. Much digital art is so innovative that it is difficult to define and classify. However, it is safe to say that digital creation uses technology to create a whole new work of art.

Digital art in France is not a minor art

Like any other artistic trend, the digital creation in France is now opening to a wave called artificial intelligence. Robots and computer graphics art have been created for two main purposes: for fun and for commercial purposes. In both cases, the rules to be followed must be strict, especially in terms of inspiration: one must respect copyright laws, but above all, one must not copy the works of robots in order not to be sued. It is not always easy to detect the copy of a robot work and the famous debate between "artificial intelligence" and "intelligence art" will also be discussed in this article to shed some light on it.

Most of us know and understand what the term AI (artificial intelligence) means. In technical language, artificial intelligence is defined as "the intelligence manifested by machines or software and also the branch of computer science that deals with the creation of machines and software that manifest such intelligence". 
But with the advancement in the field of computer science and technology, computer scientists have developed a new term called "the art of intelligence" in which man and machine work together for a combined intelligence.

Photo created with artificial intelligence

In our connected world, data analysis and computer algorithms keep us on track with our daily lives. The art of intelligence, or A.I., is an exciting concept that combines the immersion of computer algorithms with human cognitive understanding. This is something that a computer algorithm alone could not do. A.I. combines computerization with the human brain's ability to find patterns, making it an interesting concept for anyone who wants to combine the physical and digital world.

Producing works with A.I.

The day has finally arrived when computers are able to produce original works of art. It started as a few simple doodles, and then evolved into a full-fledged style. The way it works is not much different from the way humans create art. It uses a deep neural network to produce new works based on the paintings of famous artists.

Artificial intelligence has existed since the early days of computing, probably since the 1950s with the Moravec's paradox " a thought experiment by Czech scientist Hans Moravec. The paradox stated that once computers could be programmed with human-like intelligence, they would be able to bring their visions into other areas such as drawing. This concept has been proven with the creation of digital art, or A.I. 
A.I. is considered to be a creation made by a computer, i.e. computer-generated art. It is also called "computer art" or "algorithmic art", all of which define IA, but do not necessarily describe all its forms.

In the early 1960s, artificial intelligence researchers and computer scientists met at Dartmouth College and decided to focus on modeling human intelligence by developing a program capable of learning. One of the most important breakthroughs in AI occurred when Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy developed a machine capable of learning a simple visual discrimination task in 1964. Using a dot matrix printer and a camera, the program named "Eliza" was able to engage in conversation with a person in an engaging, human simulation, a breakthrough that inspired many to study and further develop AI. Soon, computers could be programmed with human-like intelligence for digital art.

Digital art in France is a real opportunity. There are a lot of people involved in digital art in France. They are exploring new ways of using digital art. There are a lot of things and opportunities coming up in digital creation in France and it's easy to discover them. There are many websites in France about digital art and there are even more people or agencies involved in digital art. 

A.I. software that generates visuals requires textual "Prompts" to create an image.

We have our own digital creation department assisted by artificial intelligence. The illustrations in this article are unique and made by phrases (prompts) that create an original visual. We create original NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for fun, if you have any needs in this area please contact us for more information.

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