The advantages of an affiliate marketing programme like InstinctCréatif's

les avantages d'un programme d'affiliation
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Are you passionate about creative design and looking to maximise your income while sharing your discoveries with other creative minds? The affiliate programme InstinctCréatif is the perfect answer to your quest for creativity and financial gain.

Exploring the benefits of an affiliate marketing programme can be a lucrative opportunity for you as a future affiliate. By joining our programme, you have the chance to benefit from mutually beneficial partnerships with us. This means that your influence and efforts can translate directly into financial gain. Thanks to our transparent, performance-based programme, you have the opportunity to generate substantial commissions based on the tangible results you deliver. As an affiliate, you will benefit from financial flexibility, as your income will be directly linked to your performance. What's more, by taking part in our programme, you'll expand your audience and strengthen your credibility as a trusted partner. Join us today to take full advantage of the benefits of an affiliate marketing programme and take your business to new and prosperous horizons.

The advantages of an affiliate marketing programme lie in the simplicity and flexibility it offers affiliates, and this also applies to those without predefined resources. As a promoter, you have the opportunity to create authentic, personalised content to share our creative design offering. Highlight the strengths of our monthly and quarterly subscriptions, highlight the potential savings for users,

How to choose an affiliate marketing programme

Choosing the right affiliate marketing programme is a crucial step in maximising your earning potential as an affiliate. With so many options available, it's essential to make informed decisions. To begin with, assess the relevance of the product or service offered by the programme to your target audience. Make sure that the product matches your values and is likely to arouse the interest of your audience. Next, examine the commission rates offered and the transparency of the programme in terms of performance tracking and payments. The reliability of the technology platform used is also a crucial factor in ensuring accurate tracking.

Discover the benefits of an affiliate marketing programme

The benefits of an affiliate program like InstinctCréatif's offers an exceptional opportunity to earn 5% recurring monthly commissions on all payments from clients you refer to InstinctCré Whether you're a passionate blogger, content creator or simply a design enthusiast, this program is designed for anyone who wants to share their love of design while earning extra income. By taking the time to understand how to choose the right affiliate marketing programme for you and your audience, you can significantly increase your chances of success in the world of affiliate marketing.

Our affiliate programme offers a unique opportunity to promote our premium subscriptions, specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding CEOs and Marketing Directors. By joining our programme, you will have access to generous commissions on every sale, allowing you to maximise your revenue while offering your audience high-quality design solutions.

les avantages d'un programme d'affiliation marketing

How does an affiliate programme work?

It's so simple! Join our affiliate programme and start recommending our monthly and quarterly subscriptions. Each time a customer subscribes thanks to your recommendation, you will receive a monthly commission of 5% on all payments made by this customer. The more you recommend, the more you earn!

Benefits of joining the programme

1. Generous commission

Earn 5% recurring monthly commission on each referral. It's a lucrative way to monetise your love of design.

2. Flexible subscriptions

InstinctCréatif offers two types of subscription: monthly and quarterly. You have the flexibility to recommend the option that best suits your audience.

3. Freedom of promotion

While we do not provide standard promotional materials, we encourage you to create your own unique and authentic content to promote InstinctCréatif. This allows you to express your personal style and personalise your promotional approach.

How do I get started?

  1. Register now: Join the affiliate programme InstinctCréatif by simply filling in the registration form on our website.
  2. Get your affiliate links : Once you've signed up, access your affiliation dashboard to obtain unique links that you can share with your audience.
  3. Start promoting : Use your creativity to share your love for CreativeInstinct and start generating revenue.

Tips for maximising your earnings and the benefits of an affiliation programme

  • Promote both subscriptions: Encourage your followers to choose between monthly and quarterly subscriptions, maximising the value of your commission.
  • Share your stories : Highlight testimonials from satisfied customers to reinforce the credibility of your recommendation.
  • Be active on social networks: Share your affiliation links regularly on social networks to reach a wider audience.


The benefits of an affiliate marketing programme become the canvas on which you can paint your unique promotional message, allowing your audience to see the exceptional value of our subscriptions. Join us today and discover how the benefits of an affiliate marketing programme can propel you to success, even without predefined promotional resources.

The InstinctCreatif Affiliate Program is much more than a money-making opportunity. It's a chance to join a creative community, share your passion for design, and turn your love of creativity into a sustainable income. Join us today and start tapping into your creative instinct!

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