Create a graphical charter for your brand

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1. What is the graphic charter?

L?ensemble des éléments définissant l?identité visuelle d?une entreprise ou d?une institution, rassemblés dans un livret, constitue la charte graphique. Ce document liste les normes et présente les différentes étapes nécessaires pour obtenir un bon résultat, principalement utilisés à des fins publicitaires. Elle s?applique à la police de caractères, à la couleur, aux images, aux illustrations, au logo, à la charte de mise en page, à la charte de web, au style de la marque? Tout est réuni dans la charte graphique de votre marque.

2. Why is it important to have a graphic charter?

A few years ago, having a strong visual identity might have seemed an unnecessary issue, but today it is a very simple way to attract more customers.

Visual identity is the face of a brand and defines what people think of it. A strong visual identity can make a brand more memorable and attractive. A brand's visual identity is the set of elements that define the brand's appearance.

These elements include logos, typography, colours and design elements. A brand's visual identity is like a flag. It defines what a brand is and what it stands for. It is a brand's secret recipe that differentiates it from others. The press and social media are full of examples of strong visual identities. The best ones all have one thing in common: they are original. It is easier to identify a brand with a strong identity because you remember it.

3. The logo is an essential communication tool

A logo is used to represent a brand. Setting up a business is a difficult task. Make it easier for yourself by having a brand that looks clear and consistent.

A graphic charter unites a company, its customers, advertisers, partners and even its employees.

The benefits of using a unique and clearly defined brand identity are numerous:

  • Distinction: Your company is immediately recognisable everywhere
  • Professionalism: Your company's image remains consistent and is perceived as reliable and serious.
  • Brand Authority: Experts in your field

It is a tool that allows you to communicate with your audience; it is a way of expressing your brand to the world; it is an emblem that represents your company and it is a sign of your culture and identity. You can be a craftsman and a businessman and share your passion and expertise and be proud of your work; you can be a sportsman and promote your sport; you can be a designer and give people an impression of who you are and what your product is.

A logo communicates a message, a meaning, a promise to your customers. It provides a visual image that represents your company. Your company is a reflection of you. It is the way you present yourself to the world, and a professional business needs a professional logo to match.

4. Define your brand colors 

definir les couleurs de votre marque

Colours, whether in nature or in products, have always had a meaning. Different colours certainly have a psychological meaning and significance. These colours are related to things like joy, sadness, anger and love. Thus, certain colours can have a direct influence on a person's psyche, and therefore a brand or company using these colours can benefit from them. Colour psychology is a fascinating field.

Colours can influence us in what we buy, what we express, how we feel, etc. It is without doubt a crucial aspect to consider when designing your visual communication. The colour of a logo is often the first thing you see when you visit a website. It can also be the first thing you forget!

The colours are important in graphic design, and knowing how to use and combine colours can help you build a consistent brand. It is also useful to have a knowledge of primary, secondary and derivative colours to help you choose quality brand colours. For example, warm colours such as red and yellow can increase attention levels and raise energy. Cool colours such as blue and green can increase concentration and creativity. Pastel tones can increase emotion and dark colours can increase character.

5 The choice of your typography in the graphic charter

charte graphique et typographie

Choosing a font is one of the most crucial to good design, but there is a font for every situation. It can be a secondary font, a primary font, a sans serif font, a serif font, a typeface or even a language. It is important to choose the right font for each situation.

But what is a typeface? The typeface is the layout of a text. It defines the size of the characters, the font and the layout. The font is also used to define the appearance of a symbol, an image or a logo.

Customised typography for your brand is a great way to communicate your identity. Since you use your own typefaces, you can customise them to give them a unique look that matches your brand or slogan. Indeed, typefaces are an integral part of creating your visual identity. They can be used for your logos, signs, business cards, greeting cards, etc. The right typeface, professionally created and adapted to your brand, is an excellent way to communicate your identity.

Ultimately, choose a font that is easy to read, both on the web and on paper.


First impressions are often the most important. The visual identity is the first thing people see and the first thing they perceive. It is therefore very important to take care of your visual identity and adapt it to your needs.  Your graphic design should be consistent with your business sector, with a strong and unique identity that will benefit your company and your image. Customers will then become closer to your brand and may become loyal customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We would like to thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon on our blog!

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