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La mission du web designer freelance si vous l'acceptez et de vous donner toutes les clés secrètes pour vous ouvrir à votre monde... digital

What kind of website do we make?

The majority of our websites are built using WordPress or Webflow. WordPress makes it easy to update your website and keeps you in control of it. You can add extra functionality with plug-ins. WordPress is optimised for search engine optimisation.

Over 42% of websites worldwide use WordPress, this is no accident. It also allows integration with your CRM, e-commerce site and more.

If your website has high bounce rate, low conversion rate (less than 2%), if it is not optimised for mobile phones, if you think your website is out of date or even old fashioned it is time to act.

It's time to be the actor of your multiple screens

Web design is not just about aesthetics. The role of the web designer is to carry your company's colours into the digital world by adding technical knowledge to the aesthetic.

You are surfing on an ocean of data and information. Give yourself a chance to be visible with a website that brings you conversions. 

We use web standards and carry your brand to every screen. Tell us about your goals, we'll give you the keys to reach them. 

Choose the formula that suits you best.

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