Our adage: form follows function
We define what your digital product will allow before defining how it will do so. This way, we optimize the experience of your users.
Our best tool: empathy, the ability to feel what others are feeling
We combine inspiration and technology to provide your target audience with an added value they will be able to perceive, appreciate and remember.
Flexibility and agility
We remain attentive to your opportunities to give you the keys that will support your goals.
What interests us
We enjoy all digital media. websites, mobile applications, software for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook.
More efficient together
Because we take time to know your company and products, we can help you reach your goals efficiently.
Analysis and Strategy
We are attentive to the ideation, analysis and resolution of your problems.
Make a difference
We put our creativity at your service to make you stand out from your competitors.
Our goal
We take into consideration the motivation, tasks and goals of your users.
With our creative approach, we provide solutions to your business issues
We work iteratively, we make prototypes and produce results for your business.
We are looking for information about your users and your products in order to understand for who we will create. In this way, we define objectives.
Having defined several objectives, the goal is to meet the expectations of the user. With this aim in mind, we are working on assumptions, ideas and scenarios.
We define the structure of the user experience with sitemaps, wireframes, storyboards, researching trends in order to create after iteration a beautiful and functional final product.
Are we the right partners?
There is only one way to find out, get in touch with us and we will amicably come to a conclusion to offer you the best solutions.
We have 2 services designed for you: Trajectory and Spirit Design.
We believe that a thorough analysis of your existing interface and that the creation of a prototype can help you reach new business opportunities, in an organic, flexible way.
User Experience Audit
We help you grow your business, starting with an audit of your digital solution, within 15 days after your request.
Validation of your new products
The methodology of design thinking ensures you a continued guidance, from the initial concept to the delivery of a user-friendly prototype, in two weeks.
Here is an incomplete list of clients who have trusted us
Council of Europe
Pro Consultant Informatique 
France Télévisions 
United Nations (UNICRI) 
Mairie de Schilitigheim 
Fondation de l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame 
Lattice Point Consulting
Mondelez International
WinMedia Group
Dalet Digital Media Systems
Coordination Sud 
Festival Couleur Contes