À propos
Christophe Nutoni représente Instinct Créatif Communication. Son expérience a démarré avec le son et le design visuel. Il a débuté dans le web design, s’est intéressé au design d’interface, l’expérience design, l’interaction et le mouvement.
Christophe Nutoni represents Instinct Créatif Communication. His experience began with the sound and visual design. He started with webdesign, was interested in the interface design, design experience, interaction and movement.
Since 1995
The psychological aspect related to design and its use have always fascinated Christophe. He likes to solve problems by using his experience. He relies on users of digital products to understand their goals.
Christophe has the chance to have a network of developers with which it works to simplify the complexity of different projects. Extremely curious about technology and new quantum perspectives he has an open mind to new ideas, he is passionate about it.